It’s officially springtime and for Florida homeowners, it’s a good opportunity to not only prepare their homes for the warmer summer weather but a good time to get ahead of allergies. 

Here are 6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Florida Homeowners 

1. Make a list

Get organized about what rooms deserve the most attention and can be the most troublesome to tackle. Professional organizers highly recommend starting with the easiest tasks first and tackling the bigger projects next. Focus on one room at a time to keep you on track. For instance, the craft room might be the hardest so begin in the kitchen or dining area instead. 

2. De-clutter before you clean. 

Less stuff means less stuff you need to clean and gets rid of the disorganization that does impact how you feel psychologically. This may sound easier than it really is…I mean you managed to accumulate it without too much thought but it takes more to get rid of it. Ask yourself when was the last time you used or wore it, is it something that you really need and if the answer is ‘no’ to both then get rid of it. You can always create a maybe pile as well just don’t let that overfill as well. As with the list you created, don’t try to accomplish this without finishing each room on its own. 

3. Clean from top to bottom. 

Cleaning starting from the top of your home to the bottom means all that accumulated dust has to drop somewhere after you unsettled it. For instance, get those dust bunnies off your ceiling fans first since it most like drops on the ground and in the air around you. And if you are prone to the allergens in the dust you may want to make sure you take an allergen pill first. 

4. Check your equipment. 

When was the last time you changed your vacuum bag or cleaned out the filter? Before you overwhelm that Hoover make sure it’s up to the challenge. HEPA vacuums tend to be the most effective at eliminating allergens but it’s more important that you are getting the dirt and dust in the most efficient way possible. 

5. Don’t forget your walls and baseboards. 

You might be surprised at the amount of dust that has found a home on the walls. Typically, you can count on those baseboards but a good wipe-down of your walls goes a long way as well. Simply take a damp cloth and vinegar and wipe it down from top to bottom and don’t be surprised if your towel turns dust-bunny gray. 

6. Clear the air.  

No time like the present to keep that A/C in tip-top shape by replacing your air filters.If it’s been a few months since you have then you are way overdue. HVAC filters come in all shapes and sizes. It’s always best to choose one with a MERV rating which helps capture smaller particles that a less-dense filter would. 

With these tips, your Florida home is ready to take on the heat and any allergies The Sunshine State brings.