Most Florida homeowners either own a pool or have a friend or family member with you and summer is the most popular time to take a dip. However, pools do come with an increased level of risk for Florida homeowners especially when small children live or visit your pool. Sadly, drowning still leads to unintentional deaths in children under the age of four years old.

Before you take that next dip check out these summer pool safety tips:

NEVER swim alone. This basic rule applies to swimmers of all levels and ages.

Install a safety barrier or fence. The recommended height should be 4 feet in height and have spaces too small for a child to squeeze through. Prices vary on this but it’s worth every penny to prevent drowning and to keep your risk as a Florida homeowner lower.

Speaking of fences, a perimeter fence around the outside of your pool area not only protects young non-swimmers but keeps pets and animals safer as well.

Invest in an alarm. These are relatively cheaper than a fence (although you should have both) and detect when anyone has entered the water.

Make sure the deep and shallow end depths are clearly marked. This is something that is often seen at public or commercial pools but a simple decal takes the surprise out of jumping into unknown depths.

It’s never too early to start swimming lessons for little ones. In fact, the earlier the better especially if you live in Florida.

Choose the pool cover that offers the most protection for kids and pets. Locking straps help secure covers the best but you can also invest in the pricier option of an automatic cover as well. Pool safety nets might be a more affordable option when considering the cost of a good pool cover.

Have a list of strict safety pool rules such as NO DIVING or flips in waters too shallow, NO GLASS in or around the pool or running on wet surfaces.

Lastly, knowing CPR goes a long way in saving the lives of you or your family and guests visiting your pool. This is just a shortlist of simple ways to stay safe this summer!