One of the perks of being a Florida homeowner is lush lawns and a long growing season. Spring is not just in the air in The Sunshine State but April is the kick-off to the growing season. 

Keep those lawns beautiful and your landscaping fruitful with these Spring lawn care and landscaping tips:

Mowing Often Gives Your Lawn an Edge 

The first and most obvious tip is to keep your lawn mowed on a weekly basis or every 5-7 days depending on the amount of rainfall happening which is higher at this time of year. Additionally, it helps curb weed growth and creates curb appeal. 

Greening Up 

Weed and feed solutions for your lawn can be a DIY project or there are a plethora of lawn services that can handle this for you. Ideally, Florida homeowners should fertilize or treat their lawns up to 4 times per year. If you decide to fertilize your own lawn you will need to know the PH level of your soil first and start from there. Depending on the size of your lawn you can either use a hand spreader or a rotary spreader. 

Trimming and Cleaning Away Debris and Branches 

Trim any branches both dead or alive that are touching your Florida home’s roof, eaves or overhangs. Now is also a good time to clean out those gutters, and pick up any branches or debris around your home. 

Make Your Curb Appeal Pop: Plant Some Color

Now that your Florida home has been shed of its debris, you’re ready to do some planting. has a handy guide to the best plants you should plant in your yard based on which region of Florida you live in including North, Central or South Florida.

Lastly, organic colored mulch goes a long way for a minimal amount of work or cost to make your yard pop.