You’re at the car rental counter, you’ve chosen your type of vehicle and after initialing next to every discloser you’re ready to roll. Then, you’re asked that dreaded question, “do you want to buy rental car insurance?”

You’re probably wondering if your own Florida auto insurance policy covers you or maybe that credit card that you had to slap down to reserve your vehicle will protect you. In this blog, we will be discussing whether the cost of rental car insurance is worth the cost and whether you are already protected.

There is no shortage of rental car insurance options based on the amount of coverage you will receive. In fact, those costs could exceed what you are paying to rent that vehicle in the first place.

Let’s breakdown the car insurance coverage options:

Loss damage waiver. Let’s say you meet some friends or clients out for dinner. You park, leave the said restaurant and get ready to drive back to your hotel. However, you realize your car is not there. Or, perhaps the windows were broken in an attempt to steal items from your car. A loss damage waiver protects you from theft or damage to your rental car.

Collision damage waiver. If your rental car is damaged for any reason, this type of coverage protects you. 

Liability coverage. Each state typically requires a certain amount of coverage related to property damage liability or bodily injury.

Personal accident insurance. Not to be dark or macabre but in the event, you get into an accident and Shirley from accounting gets hurt or God forbid killed, this coverage takes care of any medical expenses as a result of what happened while you were operating the vehicle.

Personal effects coverage. Let’s say you left your laptop out on your seat, or your phone in plain sight and it gets stolen, personal effects coverage covers those stolen items that belonged to you.

Now, onto the glaring question of should you pay for the additional car rental insurance. Before you show up to that rental counter, take a look at your policy and see what coverage you already have in place. For instance, if you opted out of collision and comprehensive coverage pop for the car rental insurance.

If you already have a Florida auto insurance policy, your minimum policy requirements will already cover property damage coverage and bodily injury.

In short, the answer is to know what your policy covers before renting a car as you may already have the coverage needed or better yet, reach out to your Florida insurance agent to see what your policy covers.