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Tornado Season: Tornado Preparedness Tips for Florida

It’s official: it’s Spring and it’s tornado season which means the Southern part of the United States can expect to get hit hard with wild and very violent thunderstorms and of course, tornadoes. In fact, Louisiana and Mississippi were hit pretty hard this week with Georgia under a tornado watch the night of Easter.

Not only are tornadoes unpredictable but they often strike again in the same spot and can wreak havoc and danger for Florida homeowners. While you can’t stop a storm or a tornado you can certainly take steps to help protect yourself and your family from the wrath of tornadoes.

Spring Landscaping and Lawn Tips for Florida Homeowners

One of the perks of being a Florida homeowner is lush lawns and a long growing season. Spring is not just in the air in The Sunshine State but April is the kick-off to the growing season. Keep those lawns beautiful and your landscaping fruitful with these Spring lawn care and landscaping tips:

How to Safely Drive During a Flash Flood in Florida

How to Safely Drive During a Flash Flood in Florida

If you are a Florida driver you have no doubt encountered a “gully washer” or a flash flood. All of a sudden you’re driving and the skies open up without showing any sign of stopping. And speaking of stopping you might find it difficult to stop or even navigate the mini lakes that have formed on the road.