Is Flood Insurance Covered on Florida Homeowners' Insurance Policies?

Do Florida homeowners need flood insurance an and how much does it cost?

Florida gets its fair share of thunderstorms and rain showers but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every Florida homeowner may be required to have flood insurance but do you need it?

If you are asking a Florida insurance agent the answer will always be, yes! Florida’s hurricane season, frequent storms and lower elevation are all good reasons for adding this coverage. Which brings us to the next question. Is flood insurance on your standard Florida homeowners’ insurance policy? Unfortunately, it is an additional cost and one that depending on where you live in The Sunshine State might be required.

The cost flood insurance and what it covers

On average, Florida flood insurance will cost you around $563 if you purchase it through the NFIP or National Florida Insurance Program. This rate is an average and can be higher based on factors such as your home’s elevation, whether you are in a high-risk zone if your home is used as rental or how often you call your Florida home a home.

Because these factors can change what you will pay drastically, it’s best to through your Florida insurance agent so they can find the best rates and coverage under a private flood insurance company.

In fact, a private flood insurance policy offers more flexibility and more coverage options. Another important consideration is storm surges which are often caused by hurricanes and can wreak havoc on flooring, walls and your home’s entire structure and belongings.

Answering your flood insurance questions 

While FEMA offers some relief it only applies if said hurricane is declared a federal emergency and even if funds are available it won’t cover much depending on the extent of the damage.

Still got questions? We’ve got answers. Feel free to reach out to us at any time regarding your Florida flood insurance policy and how you can get it added to an existing policy.