Driving is a right of passage but it also carries quite a bit of responsibility especially for Florida teen drivers. Driving has changed even in the last ten years with the presence of smartphones and computer systems connecting to your smartphone device. Which understandably leads to distracted driving. This tip guide is meant for teen drivers that have already passed a driving exam. Help your teen keep their eyes on the road with these driving tips for teen drivers:

Know your driving laws:

Florida’s driving and licensing laws differ from other states. In spite of taking an online test always know and review driving laws. You can visit Floridadmv.org for more details. You can also do a quick review while riding with your teen driver such as pointing out signs and asking them if they recognize or know what they mean.

General Vehicle Safety and Maintainance:

Don’t rely on a driver’s education course to teach your teen driver about general vehicle safety. Allow your teen to learn and know the vehicle they will be primarily driving. Your teen driver should know how to adjust the mirrors, emergency or parking brake, hazards and other safety features of the vehicle such as airbags.

Distracted Driving and Wearing a Seat Belt:

Talk to your Florida teen driver about distracted driving. Distracted driving is just that: anything that distracts your attention from the road while behind the wheel. While texting and driving continue to be the most dangerous and frequent act of distracted driving other activities such as eating or engaged with GPS are also dangerous. Each year, distracted driving takes the lives of 2,841 (in 2018) on an annual basis.

Remind your teen driver that they are not only taking their own lives into their hands while distracted driving but endangering other drivers, passengers and even cyclists and pedestrians.

Practice in All Weather Conditions:

Driving in Florida comes with its own set of risks related to weather such as tornadoes, thunderstorms and flooding dangers. Teen drivers should not only drive often but practice driving in all weather conditions. This is also a good time to teach them about speeding (DON’T DO IT) and learning to slow down in heavy downpours even driving slower than the posted speed limit.

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Teen:

Avoid the temptation to buy your teen a sports car or a vehicle that would certainly encourage speed or speeding. Here is a guide to the best vehicles for teen drivers.