You and your roommate may share cereal bowls, furniture, and half the bills but can you share the same renters’ insurance policy? First off, kudos for getting renters’ insurance to protect your valuables especially in an apartment where you would be out of your home should a fire break out in your building. 

Now onto the bad news, if you have a renters insurance policy in Florida your roommate is NOT covered. Meaning your roommate will have to get their own policy. However, renters insurance is pretty inexpensive with most policies starting or hovering around $12 a month. 

If for some reason you are still on the fence about getting a Florida renters’ insurance policy these benefits may help you change your mind. 

We’ve already covered the minimal costs for a policy but did you know your landlord’s property insurance policy will not cover your damages? Let’s say there is a minor fire and while your place didn’t burn down, the smoke damage alone could destroy your belongings and wouldn’t be covered. 

Your renters’ insurance policy would protect YOUR belongings such as clothing, your sofa, dinnerware even those ugly chipped glasses. 

Other natural acts that policy would cover include theft or vandalism, fire, lightning, and water damage. All likable occurrences if you call Florida home.