by Angela Cavallari Walker

Looking for some ways to lower your Florida homeowners’ insurance premiums? Many Florida insurance agencies offer a plethora of discounts you just need to ask! Here are some simple tips to save some dough on your Florida homeowners’ insurance premiums.

1. Don’t discount discounts. One of the advantages of working with a Florida insurance agent is that you get concierge care and the opportunity to ask for discounts. For instance, if you have a security system you could qualify for a lower premium.

2. Loyalty is rewarded. The longer you keep a Florida homeowners’ insurance policy the more likely you are to qualify for a discount. Holding onto a policy over a few years could help you save in the long run. However, do your homework first before deciding on the right policy for your Florida home.

3. Credit is deserved. The higher your credit score, the lower your Florida homeowners’ insurance premiums. If you haven’t checked your credit score in a while now would be a good time to see if it’s improved.

4. Take a higher deductible. The lower your deductible the higher your premium. Just be prepared to shoulder the cost of your claims since you will have to pay more. Savings vary but can be as high as 25% depending on your policy.

5. Bundle up. The more policies you carry with one company the lower your overall premiums. It’s also advantageous in managing multiple policies with the same insurance company. 

6. Check-in on your policies. Each year sit down and take a look at your policy or policies. If your home’s value took a hit, you can adjust your coverage to reflect those changes.

There are just a few options to lower your Florida homeowners’ insurance premiums. Got questions? Feel free to reach out to our office for additional ways to save.